What to Look for in a Potential Wedding Venue

There are so many venue options across the UK, especially here in Somerset, so picking one that is right for your wedding can be a big task. Below are some pointers on things to consider when making your decision and will hopefully help you make the most out of your viewings.


Does it have the right look and feel for the style of wedding you’re planning? Check out the venue’s unique features which can be incorporated into your wedding design.

Also, while you’re visiting the venue, observe whether it’s clean and tidy and if it looks like it’s been renovated recently or if it’s looking out of date and run down.


Will the space be big enough to accommodate the scale of your wedding and the number of guests? Speak to the venue about how the space would work for your wedding.


How far will most of your guests need to travel? And is the venue easy to find and get to? Find out what major roads and public transport options are nearby. Discuss with the venue if there are any congestion issues around the venue and what times are busiest.

If you have guests with access requirements will they be able to access all areas of the venue? Discuss with the venue what entry and exit point your guests and staff will use and observe yourself whether it’s easy to find your way around. If it’s not you may want to consider putting up signage.

Is there enough free parking for your guests? If not, is there a valet service or will guests have to walk far from the nearest car park?

If there aren’t any overnight accommodations available, what hotel options are nearby and what are their rates?


If the venue offers catering what kind of dishes do they create and will they make bespoke menu requests? If you don’t want to use their catering services then will your chosen supplier be able to have full access to the kitchen facilities? Is there an extra charge for this?

What else does the venue offer? For example, overnight accommodation, spa facilities, cloakroom, valet services.


Check what supplies the venue has and whether you’ll need to rent anything. Does the venue have enough tables and chairs? Ask to see the style of linens, dishes, silverware and glassware they have on offer. Do they also have any décor items or centrepieces you can use? Check if they have a dancefloor, sound system or stage if necessary. And with all of these things make sure there’s no extra charge for them.

What can and can’t you do in the venue? This will help you make decisions on what kind of décor you’ll be able to use for your wedding. Also, check whether they can receive deliveries and store items ahead of your wedding.

How can the room be set up? Ask if they have diagrams from previous weddings on how the room can be configured. Who will do the setup and break down? If the venue will do it then check there’s no extra charge. If you’re doing it yourself then find out when you’ll be able to access the venue to do so and when everything will need to be removed.

Contract and Pricing

What are the policies regarding breakages and cancellations? Are there any other rules or regulations you need to be aware of? What policies do they have regarding alcohol, smoking and noise?

Does the venue carry adequate insurance? And what is their plan in case of an emergency?

Consider what’s included in the price you’ve been quoted and whether this fits in with your budget. Make sure there are no extra or hidden charges such as overtime costs or electricity use charges.


Do they have adequate staff to work the event? What will be the ratio of waiters/bartenders to guests? What will the staff members be wearing? Also, find out who your main point of contact will be and check they’ll be present on your wedding day.


Will other parties be using the venue at the same time? If so, where and during what times and will this interfere with your wedding? Find out who will be using the space before you and what happens if they run over and who will be using it after you and what charges will be incurred if you run over?

As part of my full and partial planning packages, I will liaise and negotiate pricing with all your suppliers, including venues. I also offer a Venue Sourcing package where I’ll do all of the hard work for you and present you with several proposals of venues that would suit your wedding with all the information you may need. You can find out more about my services here. To discuss further and find out how I can help you, visit leaholiviaweddings.com or contact me at leah@leaholiviaweddings.com

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