Wedding Planner vs Venue Coordinator

I’ve heard the same thing so many times:

“I don’t need a Wedding Planner; my venue has a Coordinator”

One of the perks of booking your chosen venue may be that a Venue Coordinator is included in the price, and they’ll look out for your best interests, right? Yes and NO.

Yes, they’ll want you and your guests to have an amazing time because their company’s reputation is at stake.

Yes, they’ll want to give you what you want but only within what they’re willing to give.

A Wedding Planner is looking out for YOUR best interests. They’ll be by your side throughout the whole process, from the planning stages to the morning of right up until the last guest leaves. They’ll make sure the day is exactly how you’ve planned it. They’ll be on hand to help you with almost anything, a Venue Coordinator isn’t going to be there if you spill a drink on your dress and are frantically trying to get it out.

I’m not saying Venue Coordinators are pointless, they’re help is invaluable and they do a great job. They know the venue inside out, they’ll let you know what you can and can’t do with the space and they’ll help handle things on the day (within reason). But at the end of the day, their priority is the venue.

As a Wedding Planner and Coordinator, my priority is YOU.

I’ve listed some of the key responsibilities of a Wedding Planner vs a Wedding Coordinator so you can see the differences in the services they provide.


If a Wedding Planner includes styling as part of their package (which I do, you can find out more here) then they’ll help you choose a colour palette, pick out linens and flowers and décor etc. The design will be personalised to you and your Planner will make sure it’s executed perfectly.

A Venue Coordinator is not going to help you design your wedding. They’ll show you what linens and décor items etc they own that you’ll be able to use, but trust me they’ll be generic.


As a Wedding Planner, I help my couples with all their vendor selections; proposing suitable vendors, attending meetings and then liaising with them to make sure the vendors know where they’re going on the day.

A Venue Coordinator will be able to provide you with a list of Preferred Suppliers that they have worked with before but without a Planner, it will be your responsibility to book these vendors and make sure they turn up on your wedding day.


As part of my planning packages, I create detailed timelines so I know exactly who is doing what, at what time and where. I then distribute them out to anyone who needs to be in the know including all vendors, the venue and you.

If the venue is supplying catering then a Venue Coordinator is great in that they’ll manage the kitchen and ensure food is brought out on time. They’ll be able to direct external vendors on where they need to go but ultimately won’t take responsibility for them.

Point of Contact

When you book me that’s exactly what you get… me. I’ll only be working with a handful of clients at a time so you’ll have almost all of my attention. I’m available 24/7 (although I can’t guarantee 3 am texts will be answered straight away but you get what I mean).

The Wedding Coordinator that you meet when you book your wedding might not be who you get on the day, they might resign before your wedding or simply not be working that day. Also, remember that most Venue Coordinators will have office hours so you won’t always be able to get hold of them. As well as office hours there could also be dozens of couples who have booked the same venue that you’ll have to contend with for attention.

Do not make the mistake of not hiring a Wedding Planner because your venue provides a Wedding Coordinator.

If you’d like any of my help, you can find out more about the services I offer here and get in touch with me via email at

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