Types of Wedding Venues to Consider

There are so many beautiful venues across the UK and choosing the perfect one for your wedding can be daunting. As part of my wedding planning packages, I supply the couples I work with several proposals that would suit their style and requirements and assist them with viewings and contract negotiations, you can find out more about that here.

When selecting your venue there are a few things to consider:

Look – does it have the right look and feel that you desire for your wedding?

Size – is the venue able to accommodate the type of wedding you want and the number of guests?

Convenience – is the location easy to get to and accessible for all of your guests?

Parking – is there enough space and what is the cost?

Supplies – does the venue have enough supplies to facilitate your wedding such as tables, chairs, linens, dancefloor etc?

Decorations – what can and can’t you do to decorate the space?

Setup – who does the set up and tear down of the venue?

Accessibility – if you have to set up by yourself, what time can you access the venue and when do you have to leave by?

Usage – are there other groups using the venue during or directly before that could interfere?

Staffing – do they have adequate staff to work your wedding?

Price – what is included in the price quoted and are there any extra or hidden charges?

Contract – what are the penalties for breakages or cancellation?

Policies – is there a smoking policy? Is there a noise policy?

Insurance – does the facility carry adequate insurance?

If you’re considering an outdoor venue then there are more things you need to take into account. Weather is the biggest consideration and it’s important to have a wet weather plan if you’ll be getting married outside, you should also schedule a visit on the same day and time as your wedding to see if any additional lighting will be needed and what the noise levels will be like.

So now you know what you need to find out from your potential venue, what type would suit your wedding best? The possibilities are endless but below I’ve listed some of the main styles you may want to consider below:


Ballrooms are beautiful wedding locations due to their traditional elements, there won’t be much you’ll need to do with the space as it’s already fully-designed. Therefore, make sure you’re happy that the style of the venue compliments your wedding’s theme as it’s likely there will be strict limitations on rigging and hanging. The service that comes with this type of venue is usually luxurious.

Country House

Being from Somerset, this a staple wedding venue in our area. They bring class and style to any wedding and can provide gorgeous garden locations for ceremonies and backdrops for photos. If on-site accommodation is available then having your guests stay overnight will make the wedding into a weekend event that will feel like an idyllic retreat.

Museums and Historical Spaces

As these venues are often open to the public, the timings for weddings to take place can be tight and prices can be high in order to have exclusivity of the space. These venues have some gorgeous and unique features that would be hard to recreate anywhere else but obviously there are strict restrictions on what you can and can’t do in order to protect the art and artefacts.


A gallery can provide you with a completely blank canvas to put your own stamp on, they can be a great solution if you’re design-focused and looking to create your own style without the influence of the venue. The downside to this can be that there can be a lack of finishes and some areas can be raw like hallways, bathrooms and lifts.


There are several pros and cons to using a restaurant as a wedding venue. The greatest perk being that you’ll be guaranteed to have stunning food served at your wedding, so if you’re a foodie and this is one of the priorities for your wedding then this could be a good option for you. There are several obvious limitations with the space, restaurants usually have several built-in components that you’ll have to work around such as counters and bars and the seating set ups will be unusual.


Barns are a perfect fit if you’re hoping for a rustic aesthetic. Due to their rural nature, they are often out in the country away from other facilities so transportation will be a must and you’ll need to consider accessibility for all of your guests and where overnight guests will be able to stay.


The size and space of a warehouse allows you to be really creative with your design, especially if you’re planning to have a contemporary style wedding. Just be warned, it’s often a large space to fill so a large portion of your budget will go towards décor to create an impact. These spaces weren’t built with weddings in mind so you’ll need to consider the site’s cleanliness, heating, accessibility and acoustics. But if you pull it off, you’re guaranteed to have a truly unique and personal wedding that will wow your guests!


Marquees provide maximum flexibility and are so versatile, they can provide you with a blank canvas for you to customise to suit your personal style. There are a lot of elements that go into using a marquee such as power, water, lighting, heating and flooring and they are very time consuming to erect. Also, don’t forget that they don’t come with built-in facilities that are indoor venue does like toilets, cloakrooms and kitchens.

As part of my full and partial planning packages, I will liaise and negotiate pricing with all your suppliers, including venues. I also offer a Venue Sourcing package where I’ll do all of the hard work for you and present you with several proposals of venues that would suit your wedding with all the information you may need. You can find out more about my services here. To discuss further and find out how I can help you, visit leaholiviaweddings.com or contact me at leah@leaholiviaweddings.com

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