The Must-Have List of Things You Need on your Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Preparation for your wedding day can feel overwhelming and it's easy to forget what you need to take with you on your wedding day. Use my handy list below for an idea of what you should pack, so you’re not rushing around the evening before your wedding in a panic. Scroll to the bottom for a checklist you can’t print and check off as you go.

As a Wedding Planner, I’ll bring all of these items (and more) with me if you use my services. Just another reason to hire a Wedding Planner!

Hopefully, you won’t experience any clothing emergencies, but I’ve experienced first-hand how easy it is to get a small tear or a stain on a dress or suit, so these products will help you quickly fix the problem, even if it’s just a temporary measure until you can get a more permanent solution.

Sewing kit, including safety pins, straight pins, hem tape, white chalk and stain remover pen

Lint roller

Clear nail polish (for rips in tights)

Accidents happen – people start to feel unwell; someone gets stung by an insect, your bridesmaid’s feet are blistered from her new shoes. Being prepared for anything is the best way to prevent something small from escalating. You can buy a pre-made first aid kit and add any extras into it or create it from scratch yourself. Besides the obvious stuff, make sure you also have:

Bug spray


Cough drops


Plasters and blister plasters

○ Suncream

If you’re hiring a makeup and/or hairstylist you may not feel you need all of the below products, but you may want to include some of them for touch-ups throughout the day.

Bobby pins



Cotton Balls

Eye makeup remover


Body lotion

Manicure Set (nail clippers, file, false nail glue, nail polish remover, tweezers)

○ Perfume

Compact mirror

A wedding can be a really long and busy day and these products can give you that freshen up you want part way through your day so you can reset and keep going.

Baby wipes

Dental floss


Hand sanitiser




Some of these may depend on the type of wedding venue and/or caterer you’ve selected for your wedding, but below are some additional things to think about:


Bottle opener


Cake knife/serving kit



Bottled water


Paper and pen

If you’re setting up your venue by yourself, then it will be important to take a tool kit and numerous ways of setting up your décor – you don’t want to have to rush out during set up because something’s not working and only duct tape will do but you didn’t bring any! (Speaking of duct tape, there are so many colours and even patterned tapes out there, instead of the traditional black or grey!)




Duct tape



Floral tape and wire

Wire cutters

Extension leads

White/ivory ribbon


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