The Best Places to Look for Your Wedding Vendors

There are a lot of elements to a wedding so finding good and professional vendors for them all can seem daunting. Luckily there are plenty of resources out there to help, especially with the internet.

However, don’t just pick the first name you see in your price range and go with it – you need to meet with them, ask them the relevant questions and speak to people who have worked with them before.

As part of my full and partial planning packages, I will help source your vendors and give you may recommendations on vendors I’ve worked with and trust. You can find out more about my services here.

Recommendations from friends & family

One of the best ways to find your vendors is to speak to married family and friends about who they used for their wedding, they’ll be able to give you a first-hand recommendation and if you liked the work they did at your friend’s wedding then this can be a great direction to go in.

Recommendations from other vendors

Booked your photographer but struggling to find the perfect florist for your wedding? Then ask your photographer! Speaking to the vendors you’ve already chosen is a great way to get recommendations as they have insider knowledge of their industry professionals and the work they produce and their attitude.

Industry publications

There are a lot of bridal magazines out there! They can be great to flick through for inspiration if there’s something you particularly like check out who’s credited with producing it. Magazines are going to be much more helpful the more specific they are, for example, a local publication or covering a niche like alternative weddings.

Bride magazine has several local versions:

Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex & Wiltshire

South West (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol)

Cotswold (Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire)





Cheshire, Greater Manchester


One of my favourite publications is the alternative bride magazine Rock N Roll Bride.

Online directories

One of the best resources for finding multiple vendors. Just bear in mind that vendors often have to pay to be featured on these sites so not everyone will be on there. The ones that I’ve frequently used to source vendors:


Rock My Wedding: The List


Facebook groups

Have a search through the many Facebook groups out there, not only will potential vendors post about their services but you can also get tips and advice too. There are groups out there for every location and niche.


Instagram is a great tool for inspiration but also for vendors to visually display their work, search for hashtags that apply to what you’re looking for and search by location. If something catches your eye go through to their profile and click on the link in their bio to be taken to their website to find out more.

Wedding fairs and events

Not only can you find some potential vendors at wedding fairs but it’s a nice day out too and something you could enjoy with members of your wedding party. There’s a lot out there so have a look what’s available in your area. The big ones that are located in cities such as London can be exciting but remember you may not actually find your vendors here if it’s further afield from your location. Use Wedding Fairs to find events and filter down by area.

As part of my full and partial planning packages, I will make vendor proposals and liaise with all your suppliers, you can find out more about my services here. To discuss further and find out how I can help you, visit or contact me at

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