How to Fix Five Wedding Day Disasters

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Unfortunately, things won’t always go perfectly on your wedding day, hopefully, it will be something so minor you will barely notice but if you do have a “wedding day disaster” then there are easy ways to fix them. With all of the below issues, preparation is key! It’s so important to create back up plans so you know exactly what to do at the last minute.

Stained Wedding Dress

You’ve visited several bridal boutiques, tried on many dresses and found your perfect one. You look stunning on your wedding day. You’re having a wonderful day. And then you drop food on your dress, or wine gets split and now you have a stain on your perfect dress.

Firstly, never scrub at the spot as you may force the stain deeper into the fabric or cause it to spread.

If part of the stain is solid (like a piece of food) gently lift it away with something like a piece of card or even a dull knife. Use a dry white cloth to dab away any moisture or if the stain is oily than sprinkle with baby powder to absorb.

Before you apply any chemicals to your gown check on the underside hem to see if there will be any damage. Always treat the stain from the outside edges in. Use a cotton swab to gently apply your cleaning mixture and keep blotting with a clean section of the white cloth.

The type of cleaning solution you use will depend on the type of stain, see below for recommended products:

Whenever I coordinate a wedding I always make sure I have a kit of emergency supplies in case anything goes wrong, you can find out more about that here. You may want to put together a kit for wedding dress emergencies of the following:

White towels and cloths White chalk Baby powder Cotton swabs Rubbing alcohol Stain removal pens or wipes Sewing kit

Vendor Doesn't Show Up

Make sure during your consultations with potential vendors that you are discussing what the backup plan is if they weren’t able to attend for whatever reason and that this is written into the contracts you sign with them.

In the days leading up to your wedding day reach out to all of your chosen vendors to confirm arrangements.

Think about having a plan B just in case after all this they still don’t show up. For example, chances are you know someone who is good with a camera if your photographer doesn’t show and have a playlist on your phone ready to plug in if your DJ is running late.

Rain on your Wedding Day

A good offence is the best defence for this one so make sure you have a wet weather plan. If you were planning an outdoor wedding, discuss with your venue beforehand on where your ceremony and/or reception will take place if it’s raining, whether this is a room indoors or a marquee being erected. Keep all of your vendors in the loop if you make alternative arrangements so there’s no confusion on the day.

Keep an eye on the forecast and if wet weather looks likely then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got umbrellas on hand and just embrace it, there’s nothing you can do to change the weather at the end of the day! Plus, you can get some gorgeous romantic and creative photographs in the rain.

You should plan for 100% rain but if the forecast looks like it might only rain for part of the day you may want to consider moving around the schedule of your wedding but make sure your vendors are informed and are flexible enough to be able to accommodate this.

Lastly, invest in wedding insurance to give you a safety net in case the weather takes a turn for the worst and your day can’t go ahead as planned.

Drunken Guests

Alcohol usually forms a big part of a wedding and it’s common for guests to be drunk and having a great time which is absolutely fine. But sometimes guests can take it too far. Whether they start getting unnecessarily rowdy or are starting to get aggressive you shouldn’t have to put up with it on a day that is about love and more importantly about you and your partner!

Ask someone to keep an eye out for guests who are getting too intoxicated and discuss what you want to happen with them. Ideally, this will be a venue manager or venue security if provided. The bar staff should also be aware not to serve anyone who is visibly too drunk. If none of these options are available then entrust the responsibility to a friend or family member.

Most of all you should focus on having a great day surrounded by loved ones and not getting caught up in any drama.

If you are providing accommodation or transport for your guests then this makes it slightly easier to send them off if they’re getting out of hand. If not it’s still a wise idea to have a taxi firm on hold to take any guests home who need it.

Friendly side note for the wedding couple – watch your alcohol intake too. Enjoy your day, pop the champagne but don’t drink so much that you can’t remember your day!

Unexpected Plus One

You won’t believe how common this is. You’ve carefully considered your guest list, worked to fit as people as you can within your budget, invitations have been sent out for months and you eventually got all of your RSVPs back. And someone shows up with a date. That you weren’t expecting. This problem is not only limited to plus ones either, but it could also be someone who replied ‘not attending’ and then shows up anyway.

So, what do you do? Again, have a backup plan for this and an emergency back up fund too. You may decide that you want to turn the unexpected guest away but I would be wary of doing this as it may cause drama that you won’t want to deal with at your wedding and may burn bridges with your invited guest.

If they just show up to the evening portion of your wedding then it shouldn’t take too many adjustments. But if you need to squeeze them in for the wedding breakfast then get your caterer to whip up another meal, they should have extra ingredients anyway. Your rental company should have spares so get the venue to set up another place at a table and pull up a chair while you’re having cocktail hour.

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