How to Decide What Bridal Veil to Wear

A veil can completely transform your wedding day look and with so many to choose from there’s bound to be one that suits your chosen dress. Below I list some of the options you have to choose from.


From shortest to longest, below are the most common lengths of veils you’ll find and which ones will suit the type of dress you’ve chosen:

1. Shoulder

As the name suggests this style hits your shoulders and will give you the look of a traditional veil without obstructing the details of your dress.

Wear with: a shorter dress like a tea dress or mini dress.

2. Elbow

This length of veil will drape gracefully around your shoulders and fall to your elbows which will give you some coverage if you don’t want to wear a shrug or bolero.

Wear with: like the shoulder veil this works best with shorter dresses like a tea dress or mini dress.

3. Fingertip

Fingertip veils are usually around 1m/3ft long and will fall somewhere around your fingertips when your arms are at your sides.

Wear with: ballgown if you have a full tulle skirt it will blend in without covering any of the skirt detail, trumpet as it will fall around the origin of the flare or column which looks good with almost any veil.

4. Waltz

Also known as a ballet veil, these veils fall around the mid-calf area and are great if want to wear a longer veil but don’t want it getting in the way of your dance moves in the evening.

Wear with: mermaid dresses normally flair out from the knee so this veil with fall around here for a cohesive look or try with a column dress.

5. Chapel

A chapel veil will create a striking effect at 2m/6 ½ft which will sweep across the floor slightly extended from your dress giving the illusion of a train.

Wear with: ballgown if you don’t have tulle skirt as it will bring a dramatic flair to your look, this is also the same if you’re wearing an A-line dress, trumpet or mermaid dresses look great with longer veils as does a column which looks great with everything.

6. Cathedral

This is the longest veil option around 3m/10ft and is similar to the chapel veil as it will trail beyond your dress and really make a statement.

Wear with: same as the chapel veil this length looks great with a ballgown, A-line, trumpet, mermaid or column.


Now you have an idea on what kind of length will suit your dress, you need to consider what style of veil you want:


Birdcage veils are short and made of diamond-shaped netting that sit just over the eye. They are a great option if you don’t want the fuss of something long. This style became popular in the 1950s so would suit a retro or vintage-inspired look.


A blusher can be added on to another veil, either as an extra layer at the back or to add an additional layer to wear over your face while walking down the aisle. It is usually about 30 inches in length but can vary depending on where it is placed.


Originating from the 1920s Art Deco period, the cap veil really compliments a vintage look. This veil is typically made up of two layers which are gathered at each side to create a cap over the head, decorated with florals or jewels.


These veils are one continuous piece of fabric cut in a circle with the fastening in the middle so that it can be worn at the front as it surrounds the head or pushed back to be a double layer behind the head.


Usually found in veils that are fingertip length or longer, this beautiful Spanish style veil is cut into an oval shape with a lace border.

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