Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Below is a year-by-year guide to the traditional wedding anniversary gifts with some suggestions on what you can buy your significant other or married friends.

Year One: Paper

Ideas: tickets to a gig or experience day, date night idea cards, gift voucher, portrait/art, books, love letter, wedding photo prints, personalised stationery, magazine subscription

Year Two: Cotton

Ideas: personalised robes, personalised towels, bedding/quilt, cotton flowers, tableware (tablecloth, placemats, napkins)

Year Three: Leather

Ideas: handbag, purse or wallet, suitcase, leather photo album, belt, shoes, diary/journal, furniture, passport holder, luggage tags

Year Four: Fruit & Flowers

Ideas: flower bouquet, plant, fruit basket, chocolate-dipped strawberries, floral-scented perfume or candle, pressed flower art

Year Five: Wood

Ideas: wooden photo frame, special wine in an oak box, personalised sign, keepsake box, romantic weekend in a log cabin, hike through the woods, plant a tree, kitchenware, furniture

Year Six: Sugar

Ideas: afternoon tea, chocolates, biscuits, sweet-smelling candles or perfume

Year Seven: Copper & Wool

Ideas: cashmere clothes, woollen blankets, copper home or kitchenware

Year Eight: Bronze

Ideas: bronze ornament, homeware, cookware, unusual jewellery or art/sculptures, bronze-coloured accessories

Year Nine: Pottery & Willow

Ideas: willow hamper, pottery making lesson, personalised mugs, kitchenware, dinnerware, vase, wicker furniture

Year Ten: Tin

Ideas: keepsake box, candlesticks, engraved hip flask, a gift in a metal box

Year Eleven: Steel

Ideas: watch, cufflinks, hip flask, cocktail shaker set, bicycle, cookware

Year Twelve: Silk

Ideas: silk pyjamas or robes, lingerie, silk sheets, ties, scarves

Year Thirteen: Lace

Ideas: lingerie or lace dressing gown, tableware (tablecloths, placemats, lace-edged napkins)

Year Fourteen: Ivory

Ideas: ivory may have once been given as a 14th wedding anniversary gift, it is now an unethical choice due to the decline of worldwide elephant populations, instead, give gifts that feature elephants such as art prints or ornaments or donate to an elephant sanctuary

Year Fifteen: Crystal

Ideas: jewellery, glassware, vase, chandelier, candlesticks

Year Twenty: China

Ideas: dinnerware, vase

Year Twenty-Five: Silver

Ideas: jewellery, cufflinks, watch, photo frame, pen, silverware

Year Thirty: Pearl

Ideas: jewellery, a diving experience, anything adorned with mother-of-pearl or pearl-like accents

Year Thirty-Five: Coral

Ideas: underwater experience, coral-coloured homeware such as napkins, cushions or candles, dinner at a seafood restaurant

Year Forty: Ruby

Ideas: ruby jewellery, red flowers, red wine

Year Forty-Five: Sapphire

Ideas: sapphire jewellery, sapphire blue-coloured accessories or homeware

Year Fifty: Gold

Ideas: gold jewellery, watches, home accessories

Year Fifty-Five: Emerald

Ideas: emerald jewellery, emerald green-coloured accessories or homeware

Year Sixty: Diamond

Ideas: diamond jewellery

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