Dos and Don'ts of Using Flowers in Your Wedding

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

DO use multiple centrepiece styles if you have more than six tables

If you have a large wedding venue with more than six tables, create some visual interest for your guests by mixing up the types of centrepieces you use across your tables. You can use the same flowers and colours but mix up the type of containers and vary their height.

DON'T forget about guests’ comfort when placing your flowers

If you are going to be using high centrepieces then you need to consider your guest's view, there's nothing worse than not being able to see all the action or speak to the person sitting opposite you because there's a large, dense centrepiece jam-packed with flowers in front of you. One way to overcome this is to use a high centrepiece with a skinny base or a stand that guests will be able to see through.

DO consider the seasonality of your flower choices

Being aware of what flowers are available during what season will avoid your heart being broken later on when your choice of flower isn’t in bloom. Speak to your Florist about what you can reasonably expect and do your research, Floristry Expert has a rundown on flowers by season you can check out.

DO choose your containers carefully

The shape of the container you pick will dictate how the flower arrangement will look and how many flowers you will need. A round vessel is going to look very different to a rectangular one so it’s important to consider how this will interact with the rest of your table design.

DON'T rely on flowers to do all of the decorating

Flowers can be an integral part of your wedding design but it can’t be all of it, think about how much space a floral centrepiece will take up. Too big and it’s going to dominate all of the space leaving little room for anything else. If you opt for a smaller floral centrepiece then consider how much empty space there will be and what décor you will use to fill it.

DO use flowers in an unexpected way

Guests can get really excited when they see a floral arrangement outside of a traditional vase, whether it’s an elaborate floral chandelier suspended from the ceiling or a single flower laid on a carefully folded napkin.

DON'T use fragrant flowers on dining tables

Flowers that have a very intense fragrance, such as gardenias, really can negatively impact how the food tastes. If the impact of the smell of your flowers is going to change how your food is tasting and how it's enjoyed it's going to make a negative impact on the overall event.

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