Dos and Don'ts for The Night Before Your Wedding

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

DON'T try new skincare products

Using a face mask during your night-before sleepover might sound like the kind of thing you should do to prep for your wedding, but don’t. Unless you’ve used it before and know it works, be wary of using any skincare products you’ve not tried before. It would be a disaster to wake up in the morning with a reaction to the beauty products you’ve used the night before.

DON'T try new food

Now is not the time to get adventurous with new foods when you don’t know how your body will react, bloating or even worse illness will really put a dampener on your wedding day. Try to eat a healthy meal, you’ll be thankful for it when you wake up in the morning. Which leads me to my next point…

DO drink lots of water

The reasons for staying hydrated are endless, from glowing skin to feeling refreshed. Of course, you will want to celebrate the night before your wedding with a glass of something but remember to be drinking water too and don’t go overboard with the champagne, avoid a hangover at all costs!

DON'T try to finish off any wedding tasks

Do not leave any wedding tasks to the last minute, avoid the stress by keeping a to-do list and aiming to have everything done by the morning the day before your wedding at the very latest. You won’t be thinking straight when your rushing to get things done, use this time to spend it with your bridal party instead.

DO relax with your friends

Although you’re there to celebrate your upcoming wedding, try not to think about it too much! Like my previous point try to avoid the stress. Watch a movie, play a game, do not obsess over the little details of your wedding, everything will be fine on the day and there’s no point worrying about it the night before.

DO embrace the matching PJs trend

Matching PJs and matching dressing gowns for brides and bridesmaids are everywhere at the moment, and not only is it cute for a group photo but they’re also practical too, especially a dressing gown when you’re getting your hair and makeup done, no one wants to sit around it their wedding or bridesmaid dress for hours.

DON'T stay up too late

This is an obvious one. Try to get a decent night’s sleep, wake up refreshed and avoid those undereye bags.

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