Six Wedding Superstitions You May Not Have Heard Of

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

There are so many traditions and superstitions that we still follow to this day, such as the groom not seeing the bride on the morning of the wedding and ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” but there are some truly bizarre superstitions from the past like the ones below.

Avoid looking in the mirror...

It was considered unlucky for a bride to look at herself in the mirror once she was fully ready, out of fear that she would leave a part of herself in the reflection and wouldn’t be able to give all of herself away to her new husband.

Random lucky things to see on your wedding day...

Black cats, spiders, toads, clergymen, doctors, doves, lambs, chimney sweeps and blind men. All random things that have been believed to be good luck for a bride to see on the day of her wedding day.

Watch out for that shoe...

In Saxon times guests would remove their shoes and throw them after the newlyweds as they left to start their honeymoon. It was known as ‘thrashing’ and remained popular until Tudor times. It was considered lucky if a shoe hit the bride or groom.

Evils spirits lurk everywhere...

A lot of wedding traditions have stemmed from the desire to ward off evil spirits. For example, brides would wear a veil to hide their face from demons and witches so they couldn’t see her face and therefore place a curse on her. Bridesmaid dresses would also mimic the brides wedding gown in order to confuse the spirits. Carrying a bride over the threshold was also believed to avoid bringing them into the home.

Have your cake...

The richness of a traditional wedding cake was a symbol of fertility and it’s still a usual custom for a bride and groom to cut the first slice together, this used to be to ensure they would have a fruitful marriage. At one time it was custom to break the cake over the bride’s head which would leave to guests scrambling for a lucky piece. Another custom suggested that single women should sleep with a slice of the cake under their pillow so they would dream of their future husband.

Put a ring on it...

It’s considered unlucky to wear your wedding ring on any finger apart from the third finger on your left hand as per tradition. This probably dates back to when the ancient Egyptians and early Greeks wrongly believed that an artery ran directly ran from this finger to the heart.

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