Four Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Using Confetti

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The tradition of throwing rice at the newlyweds as they exit their ceremony dates back to Ancient Roman times when it was believed that it would bring the couple good luck and prosperous life. Rice was most likely chosen because of its low cost and wide availability, it also symbolised growth. Then paper confetti grew in popularity, particularly after the false belief that rice was harmful to birds.

Couples today are looking for more environmentally-friendly options, some foregoing the confetti toss all together and using things like sparklers, bubbles and ribbons instead. However, these products are still artificial and can contribute to the waste your wedding produces, so if you’re looking for truly natural options that you can DIY, below are some solutions you may want to consider.

Just note, before selecting your confetti, make sure you check with your venue with what you are and aren’t allowed – quite often venues will want to avoid certain types of confetti due to the potential damage or clean up afterwards.

If you’re planning on making these yourself then plan for half a cup per guest if using a cone or sachet or one cup per guest if displaying in a basket or bowl for guests to pick themselves.


Not only are they cheap (specifically free), readily available (as in everywhere), they can be easily made into beautiful confetti. You can make them yourself with something as simple as a hole punch or you go for a fancier option with a shaped hole punch, such as this one below available from HobbyCraft. If you’re getting married in Autumn when the leaves are various colours then this will look amazing in pictures. Or can use full-sized leaves from plants such as eucalyptus or olive trees.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are already a popular and beautiful option, you can go colourful with different types of roses or match the petals to your wedding colours. They are easy to collect yourself or you can get these gorgeous Petal Pops on Etsy for £2.50 each. You can use dried petals that you can prepare well ahead of time or fresh petals, however, if you use fresh petals, just be careful that bright colours don’t leave stains on dresses.


Lavender buds are the perfect size for tossing at the couple during their exit, and are not only pretty but are gorgeous smelling too. Lavender most commonly comes in shades of purple but you can also come in cream.


Another great smelling option and readily available all year round. Think of using herbs like rosemary or thyme and putting them in cones or in buckets for guests to grab themselves.

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