11 Dessert Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

More and more couples are shunning the traditional tiered wedding cake for impressive dessert stations made up of their favourite sweet (or savoury) snacks. Below are some ideas on how you can still serve dessert at your wedding if you don’t want a conventional cake.

1. Doughnut Wall

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest to find inspiration for your wedding day, then I’m sure you will have seen plenty of images of doughnut walls, they’re everywhere! This may be one reason to be wary though, they’ve been done to death over the last few years, so try to find a new creative way to display this doughy deliciousness.

>> Check out Brides' suggestions on how you could use a doughnut wall at your wedding.

2. Macaroon Tower

Macaroon towers are also a wedding dessert alternative that has seen prominence on many Pinterest boards. They’re a great way to inject some colour into your dessert table, you can even match them to your wedding colours, and they’re also a good way to incorporate all your favourite flavours.

>> Whimsical Wonderland Weddings featured a gorgeous wedding with a macaroon tower.

3. Croquembouche

This dessert is less alternative and maybe even more traditional than the wedding cake we know today. Originating in France in the 1700s, it is often served at weddings and communions in Italy and France and consists of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and covered with delicate threads of caramel.

>> Find out more about the history and culture of the croquembouche on The Good Life France.

4. Ice Cream Stall

If your budget allows, hiring an ice cream van or stall is a nice cold treat for your guests if you’re planning on having a summer wedding. Whether you go for ice cream, gelato or sorbet, you can have a dedicated waiter serving your favourite flavours and toppings. Alternatively, you could go for a fresh milkshake stall.

>> Victoria's Ice Cream Cart offers an ice cream stall service in the South, UK.

5. Pie

There are so many flavours of pie to choose from - apple, strawberry, pecan, cherry, key lime, lemon, banoffee and blackberry to name just a few! You can either stack them into tiers like a wedding cake or lay them out on a dessert table so that guests can select their own.

>> Martha Stewart Weddings has some delicious pie ideas.

6. Cheese Cake

If you love cheese like me, a cake made up of cheeses sounds like heaven. With this style, you can incorporate a tier of each of your favourite kinds of cheese in the style of a traditional wedding cake and complement it with a selection of fruit and/or flowers.

>> The West Country Cheese Co. has a great selection of cheese wedding cakes available.

7. Cookie Collection

Cookies can also be tiered up to replace a cake. They are easy to stack and even easier to personalise with your favourite flavours and can be frosted to suit your wedding colours.

>> If you're looking for ideas on how to decorate your cookies, Wedding Forward has some.

8. Cake Pops

The style of cake pop above is a more sophisticated version of the cartoon novelty ones you’d normally see at a kid’s birthday party. They can be displayed on cake stands or served by waiters as a canape. They can be dipped and decorated in whatever colours or flavours you desire.

>> You and Your Wedding featured a wedding with a very elaborate cake pop and wedding cake installation.

9. Candyland

Think sweets, candy floss, popcorn… if it wouldn’t look out of place at a funfair then this would be perfect to give you and your guests a well-deserved sugar rush. A table laid out with all your favourite sweet treats would not only look bright and colourful but would also add an element of fun to your wedding.

>> Lisa's Sweet Treats offers a range of options including sweet tables and carts.

10. Fruit Platter

If sweets aren’t your thing or maybe you’re after something a bit more natural, then a fruit platter would be better suited to you. Still achieving that bright and colourful look and guaranteed to make your guests mouths water.

>> Grape & Fig are great at creating grazing tables and platters.

11. Everything!

Can’t decide on one dessert to pick? Why not have a buffet table of all your favourite desserts beautifully displayed. Stick to a theme to give it a more cohesive look, for example by flavour (for me personally, chocolate flavoured everything) or by colour to suit the overall style of your wedding. These tables are great for guests with dietary requirements or allergies as you can cater to a wide range of needs and tastes.

For more ideas and inspiration visit leaholiviaweddings.com.

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