100 Years of Wedding Dresses: 2000s

In the 2000s, globalisation continued to increase with the growth of the internet, allowing people to connect across the world and the rise of social networking sites gave people a new way to stay in touch.

This also had an effect on 2000s fashion which saw a mash-up of global trends, combining ethnic clothing (boho style) with vintage styles drawing inspiration from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s and music-based subcultures such as hip hop.

This also infiltrated into wedding fashion, with designs drawing on past styles but with a modern and more elaborate twist. Detailing started to make a comeback with lace and beading appearing as belts or on the skirt or veil.

In a continuation from the 1990s, couples were moving away from traditional church weddings and a rise in destination weddings so the need to cover up was no longer required which saw popularity in strapless gowns.

The new silhouettes of the 1990s became more classic in the 2000s, the A-line dress became popular.

Wedding styles became more about personal style than religious ceremonies. As couples started to embrace wedding design and putting their unique style on the look and feel of their wedding day, brides would start to pick their dresses to fit in with their chosen themes. ‘Boho-chic’ became the latest style to take hold which influenced bridal fashion with flowing styles and lace detailing.

Veils were still around but no longer felt like a necessity. Brides tended to style their hair with flowers, fascinators or tiaras. It was also now very rare to see a bride accessorising her dress with gloves.

One of the biggest make-up trends in the 2000s was the ‘smoky eye’ paired with pale lips and bronzed skin. Hair was kept pretty simple with long and straight styles being key.

Exotic and tropical flowers were being used more in bouquets, for example, Bird of Paradise.

Image 1: Dayanara Torres on her wedding day to Marc Anthony in 2002

Image 2: Katie Holmes on her wedding day to Tom Cruise in 2006

Image 3: Gwen Stefani on her wedding day to Gavin Rossdale in 2002

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